The Hinton Student Council, in collaboration with the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association and the Stephenson Cancer Center, is leading a “change for change” challenge between middle school and high school. The challenge will take place the week of October 17-21. Each building will have a change bucket and students may bring up any change they have to place in the bucket during the week. At the end of the week, we will see which school collected the most change. 

All funds raised will be donated to The Department of Patient Experience services, which serves patients at Stephenson Cancer Center. These funds will be used to provide helpful resources such as coloring books, word searches, card games, and events that will provide support to patients. These funds will help the department plan events for patients and expand the support they are able to provide. Accordingly, the Department of Patient Experience hosts many different cancer support groups that are held at Stephenson Cancer Center. With these funds, the department will be able to expand the amenities offered to support group members by being able to provide refreshments, cookies, and a dinner event twice a year. The Department of Experience also hosts various patient-centered events throughout the year, such as Survivors Day, All Awareness Day, and Caregiver Appreciation Week. With this fund, the department will be able to expand these events to provide more meaningful experiences and support to patients and their caregivers. The Department of Patient Experience is also wanting to utilize funds to create more family resources.

If anyone would like to contribute, you may go to hintonschools.org and click on the Change for Change Challenge button on the homepage, or follow this link.