OKLAHOMA CITY (Sept. 28, 2022) – The Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) announced today that it has published 58 new or updated Oklahoma Family Guides to give families a convenient way to support their children’s classroom learning at home.

The guides originally were produced in fall 2019 for core subjects – English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies – in prekindergarten through second grade. In 2019, the OSDE added guides for the same subjects in third through sixth grades. All now include additional examples to help make student learning expectations more concrete and understandable and to reflect shifts in academic standards since that time, if applicable. Guides for prekindergarten through sixth grade are newly available for music, physical education, and visual art, as well as kindergarten through fifth grade for health.

Written by subject matter experts in the OSDE’s Office of Curriculum and Instruction, the guides are color-coded by subject. The front side of each guide focuses on grade- and subject-specific expectations and learning goals for the school year and what to do at home to help children reach them. The reverse side includes guiding questions to foster additional skills including curiosity, communication, and comprehension, or to connection across school subjects.

Each of the guides is a printable, one-page flyer convenient for at-home use or while meeting or talking with teachers during conferences or other occasions. Suggestions in each guide were designed to be easily integrated into existing family routines and schedules. Guides are available by individual grades and subjects, for all subjects within a single grade and for all grades within a subject.

To access the Oklahoma Family Guides, visit sde.ok.gov/oklahoma-family-guides.