Attention parents of 8-12th grade students!

Hinton high school utilizes Canvas as its learning management system. This site will provide all assignments, pages, discussion and grades for your child for the semester. Parents may sign up to become a parent observer and can follow how their child is doing in class. This is a powerful tool to partner with the school to insure your child is keeping up with all of their work. The process for signing up to be a parent observer is: 

  1. Have your child login into their canvas account, go to settings, then click pair with observer. You will need the code that is provided when setting up a parent observer account. You may also email and he will get you the pairing code. Pairing codes are only valid for 7 days before having to get a new one. 

  2. Parents need to go to

  3. Click the Parent of a Canvas User? Link in the right corner

  4. Fill out the information needed. Your name, your email, password, re enter password, then the student pairing code. Agree to the terms of use

  5. You should now be observing your child. If you have other children using canvas, you can add them by getting a pairing code for that child.

  6. It is easiest to sign up as a canvas observer using a laptop, desktop computer or web browser on phone. 

  7. Canvas has an observer app for iphones and androids. We have had issues with trying to get the app to work. If you want to get it on your phone, please come by the high school and Mr. Hohmann will work with you to try and get it set up.