Hinton Comets-

August 5, 2020     7:30 PM

Hello Hinton Schools Community, Parents, and Students!

This note is to inform everyone of Hinton Schools “Return to Learn” with students on Thursday, August 13, thus kicking off our 2020-2021 Hinton Comet school year!  The school calendar is available on our school website for your viewing as it has recently been updated.  The priority of Hinton Schools is the health and safety of students and employees. The school has purchased PPE for all district employees.  They have also purchased several hand held foggers to disinfect all buildings, buses, and equipment on a continuous schedule throughout the district.  Hand sanitizer will be located throughout all school sites for student use as well.  Several soap dispensers are located in each restroom around the district.  Custodial employees have deep cleaned this summer and will continue to do so throughout their buildings and will disinfect frequently during the school day in those highly touched areas. Procedures and plans for our school and students have been board approved and can be found on the schools website.  Although approved, they will continue to change as the guidance from health officials and the CDC evolve.  Mrs. Derryberry has been working with the local and state health department officials and is relying heavily on their guidance. The health departments update today for the Hinton Area is 2 active (positive) Covid-19 cases.  This number does not include the prison positive cases.  This is the Hinton area information that is known at this time.   

All Pre-k through 12th grade students, those enrolled in the Hinton Virtual Academy or those attending the Hinton School site, will be issued a device to accompany their learning throughout this school year.  These devices will be checked out to students to take home in the event of the district going to Plan C (School Closure with Distance Learning), or if a student needs to quarantine for several days due to exposure or positive test results.  All Hinton Virtual Academy students will check-out devices next week from their building principals. 

As you all are aware, this is an incredibly difficult and challenging time for all schools.  Hinton schools are doing the very best we can at any given moment.  There is not a plan for navigating a pandemic, as the variables change daily.  Your district employees are champions! They keep your children’s best interests at heart.  Please continue to encourage them and pray for them daily as they all step forward with grit and will stay focused on your child(ren) health and safety.  We are all in this together, the Hinton community, parents, students, and school.  Thank you for your continued support! GO COMETS!


Marcy Derryberry