Beginning Monday, June 1, Hinton School will begin a three phase return to summer activities. These guidelines follow recommendations from the OSSAA. Phase 1 will be from June 1-June 14. This phase will focus on returning back to physical activity. All facilities will be open for the purpose of strength and conditioning. Phase 2 will be from June 15-July 14. During this phase, strength and conditioning will continue and we will add sport specific activities as well. Activities may have team camps, leagues, and.or scrimmages during this time. Phase 3 will begin July 15 and at this time, softball, cheer and band may resume unrestricted practice and strength and conditioning will continue. 

The link below lists the full details of the return to activity that Hinton is following. Student safety is our number one priority. Please note that all students will do a temperature check and  a screening prior to coming into facility. If the student has a temperature above 100.4, they will be sent home and not allowed into facility. Parents, please help us in this. If your child has a temperature or any symptoms of being sick, please keep them home. Hand washing/hand sanitizer will be available at all facilities and will be stressed by coaches to wash often. All facilities/equipment will be disinfected several times each day. Social distancing procedures will be in place in all facilities. Should you have any questions, please reach out to Jarrod Hohmann, Athletic Director, at Also, please make sure you are following Hinton School's athletic Facebook page for more information about dates and times of summer pride, camps, and parent meetings. 

The link for all the specifics on return to activities is below. 

Summer Guidelines