Parents, we apologize for the trouble in getting set up as observer for your 8-12th grade student. We have worked with Canvas and have figured out the problem. Please follow the steps below to set up your account to begin observing how your child is progressing in school. 

To set up an account:

  1. Go to
  2. in the right corner, click on create parent account
  3. enter your name, email and password and student pairing code.
  4. The pairing code has to be created by your child in their account under settings, then they will click pair with observer.
  5. Once you enter the pairing code, click agree to the terms.
  6. You should now be observing your child's canvas account. All their courses, assignments, and grades will be posted here.

After you set up your account, you may also download the Canvas Parent app.Please follow the steps below to get your app going.

  1. In your phones app store, search for Canvas Parent and download.
  2. Once downloaded and open, use two fingers and tap on the screen. A message in the upper left corner should appear and say canvas login on. If you see the message, proceed to step 3. If you don't see message, tap with two fingers again and look in upper left corner for the message. 
  3. Search for your school: It is Hinton School District 161
  4. Once you select the school, you may enter your login information from the directions above. After your login, your app should go to your child's information.

If you have any questions or need help, please come by the school and we will help you. Thanks for working with us!